A Little Concerned With Military Disability Benefits - Let's Talk
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A Little Concerned With Military Disability Benefits – Let’s Talk

Not long ago, I picked up a local military base newspaper at a local coffee shop not more than a quarter mile away. In this paper there was an insert. The Flyer read “Military Appreciation Day” and it asked if the reader if they suffered from Headaches, Neck Pain, or Back Pain? Or, if you suffer from pain or numbness down arms or legs? Also, if you’ve been to a doctor but still suffer from pain. Then it noted that the local “Spine and Rehab” center nearby was offering free check-ups and consultation – again Military Appreciation Day – with red, white and blue border around the flyer.In the military you can claim disability if you have a 1% disability, but in our modern world even someone who is practically incapacitated can work from home on a computer, but once someone has that doctor’s visit and note, he’s able to get his disability checks. I met someone in Nevada who gets a car allowance and mileage payment for driving himself to the VA in Las Vegas, he lives about 80-miles away. So, he schedules some sort of a check-up every week or so, and this pays for his car loan and insurance payments on his brand new 2013 Dodge Challenger with everything. He brags about how the government is paying for his car.But did you know he also gets an EBT card, and uses that for free food? He gets a disability check too, all in all I bet he makes nearly $45,000 per year off the government. Why work? Well, I guess if someone is a leach – that might be a way to look at it, but as a taxpayer, conservative and hard-working individual it surely pisses me off to know end. We need to stop this, we need to stop giving a free-ride to people, and that also goes for those who’ve served in our military – no one should take from the system like this.Personally, I am very worried about these businesses catering to military give-aways, and rules – just because there is money flow there, worse, I am concerned about the skyrocketing costs of health care – which is just killing our military budget. We must be mission ready, but if we are spending and wasting money and enabling fraud, then indeed, we are also to blame.We see this happening in broad daylight and yet it continues everywhere we look. I dare to ask; who the hell is running this operation? This is not keeping with military traditions in the US, it’s a pathetic display of leadership, and unbecoming of our great armed forces. Please consider all this and think on it.