Intro to Your New Medical Billing Position
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Intro to Your New Medical Billing Position, Listen and Learn

Medical billing is evolving all the time. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it but it is. Some new policy or plan, but there is always something going on outside of your job all the time.There is still more to learn, even after all of your training. All of your note taking and seminars seem to have given you an immediate sense of completion but there is more. Even after you think that you have mastered your errors and lowered your error rate. Your boss isn’t speaking to you regarding the same issues at this point, there are no new complaints. It does not mean that you have mastered everything that pertains to your position of medical biller. I know you are tempted to just go on and do what you think is best. It’s not wise. Instincts are great, but coupled with proper knowledge, they are awesome.Even the most seasoned medical biller has the potential to learn something new everyday. Some nugget of wisdom, some subtle nuance that will assist in bettering you for your future. So when your boss is talking to you about something that pertains to your position; while you want to be engaging, stop talking and listen period. This is a learning opportunity and besides you both can not speak at the same time because something is sure to be missed. Above that it’s just rude to over talk your employer when they are in a discussion with you anyway. How hard can it be to just wait until he or she is done with their portion of the conversation? Then you can respond or comment and possibly get a better understanding. Otherwise you very well may miss that one thing that could help you the next time on something very important. The last thing you will want do is go back to your boss and ask questions regarding something that you were supposed to be listening to in the first place. You then come off as inattentive and uninterested. It takes less to time listen and get the details needed than it does to try something, second guess yourself start over and ask an already answered question. Not to mention the fact that dependent upon the subject matter, your boss is now second guessing you being in your position.Listen, no one can know everything, this industry is always moving,changing and evolving. We have just transitioned to a new coding system just as this is being written. As I type some new processing rule has just been implemented and some carrier has just decided that they are requiring more specific data for certain codes. Don’t allow something as simple as not taking the time to listen cause you to fall short. Listen learn and grow.